Tuesday, November 2, 2010

red boat

Night in the Islands


mountain Lake

Lone Tree

Logs on a beach create great random designs



San Juan Island Late Colors

sunset study small

another roadside sketch

turning leaves

Small Vineyard Napa

Down the rows


Sketch of a ferry rounding the point. Sorry not alot of text however I want to get as much work up as I can.

southwest scene

small sketch of a southwest scene with one rock feature in shadow. Again a small piece 5x7. Love the way it happens with these as each brustroke means more to the others.


New Work finally. I have been doing lots but its been a while since my schedule allowed me the chance to record some of it. Sorry the photos are a bit off color wise but you should get the general idea. Little paint box sketches. This boat lost the wind and was paddling to find more.