Friday, May 7, 2010

Near Sunset California

Quick study of a sunset down south. Enjoy the boiling of the surface and the way the water relects different aspects of the sky. The deep blues of a dusk sky and the reds yellows and oranges of the pending sunset.

Summer Hike

The mountains around Mt Ranier are exceptionally beautiful. We used to go up after school and hike on the long fall days. This is near Paradise in Ranier Nat Park. The daylight in the fall is always more dramatic because the angle of the sun is lower.

Sailing Series Continued

A dramatic cloudscape at the end of a stormy day.

Sailing 3

One More in the series. The close cropping was an experiment in composition.


A series of sailing pictures. This is entered in a juried competition. Dont do that often buts it a great show in edmonds and I have had some past success there. The colors and the gesture of the sails are always fond memories of our old sailboat.

Driftwood and chaos

The random pattern of driftwood and the light near sunset are very compelling subjects. Its always a hard design problem with chaos as the subject matter.