Monday, November 2, 2009

Mitchells Book

Mitchells Albala's Book.
I have a piece featured in a book on landscape painting which is out in November. Those of you in Seattle can stop by the Gage Academy on the 20th of Nov for a show of the artwork in the book and a lecture by Mitch. I am honored to be included with so many talented folks and Mitchells work is top drawer as well. A good read and a must for your reference library. The event schedule can be found at or the gage academy web site.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Farmland always excites me as it was a part of my growing up. This is a quick sketch one afternoon of those cool rolls of hay that you see. In the spirit of Monets hay stacks. Again the colors did not transfer very well. Nice textures in the clouds and a thicker paint quality which I like. I have been looking a lot at the group of 7 from Canada. Tom Tomson in particular. Very graphic yet a textural quality that I do like.

Laguna Shores

This piece is also from the summer paintings and is a stretch of Laguna beach. The quality of the waves and the graphic shapes in the hillside were the focus (at least in the beginning). Thanks to Rocky who allows me to crash in Newport Beach on occasion and experience the So Cal light at the coast.


Well I am finnaly getting a chance to post some recent work. It has been a busy summer and many thanks to the folks who had kind words about the work being shown on Orcas Island and in Astoria at the Sunday Market. I will try to catch up and get a schedule put together of Holiday Markets etc. Again sorry about the photos as I am still learning lighting etc. This piece has a very strong graphic quality and it is interesting from that perspective. I have enjoyed it on our wall at home which is always a good test of a painting.